Welcome to Hakata Senpachi

For more than 20 years, Hakata Senpachi has been a welcoming and familiar place for anyone who loves delicious Japanese food and heartwarming sakes. Whether you and your colleagues are on your way home from a long workday, or you just want to take your partner and kids out for dinner, in our restaurant everyone can come together and enjoy good food.

Traditional hibachi place

For preparing the yakitori we use the traditional Japanese cooking technique of grilling over a charcoal fire (hibachi). We do this in front of our guests so that everyone can enjoy watching the delicious skewers being turned and glazed, as you would in a Japanese yakitori-ya. With our hibachi in the middle of the restaurant, the room is always filled with irresistible aromas. Pair your food with our authentic cocktails and sakes for the ultimate experience.

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