Hakata Senpachi: The authentic yakitori-ya in Amsterdam

Anybody who has been to Japan knows that truly good food is found in shops and restaurants (屋, -ya) that are specialized in a particular dish. There are for example  Sushi-ya, Soba-ya, Unagi-ya, and of course, Yakitori-ya. We are a typical Japanese Yakitori-ya but then in the streets of Amsterdam! On the inside, however, we have created a unique and traditional Japanese ambiance. As if the restaurant is actually located in one of the vibrant and cozy back alleys of Tokyo.  

Our commitment

Although our restaurant has a no-nonsense, nonchalant, and cozy ambiance, nothing is left to chance in terms of the quality of the food. In the past two decades, our chef has invested in creating a network of trustworthy food suppliers that deliver the most delicious and honest products. As such he exclusively uses French free-range chickens for his yakitori and home-made ramen broths. For the sake, he travels to Japan to visit traditional sake breweries and handpick only the best bottles for his guests.

Our cooking style

For preparing the yakitori we use the traditional Japanese cooking technique of grilling over a charcoal fire (hibachi). We do this in front of our guests so that everyone can enjoy watching the delicious skewers being turned and glazed, as you would in a Japanese yakitori-ya. With out hibachi in the middle of the restaurant, the room is always filled with irresistible aromas. Pair your food with our authentic cocktails and sakes for the ultimate experience.