We have a varied menu from freshly grilled yakitori to delicious ramen in homemade broths.


Garlic chili edamame

Garlic chili edamame €6.50


Cream croquettes with parmigiana and shiitake mushrooms | €10.90

Spicy yuzu chicken wings

Chicken wings with a special spicy yuzu pepper sauce | €9.50

Homemade Kimchi

Fermented Chinese cabbage  | €6.90

Yaki nasu

Grilled eggplant with soy and shaved bonito



Chicken thigh with spring onion | €3.10


Boerd Ilper free-range chicken from France


Chicken meat ball | €3.20

Chicken skin

Chicken skin | €3.00

Berkshire pork belly

Pork belly | €3.00

Pork belly

Berkshire pork belly with fermented sweet miso €3.30


Shiitake mushrooms  


Torimiso/Chicken with fermented sweet miso sauce | €3.20

Eel & Foiegras

Eel & foiegras teriyaki sauce| €5.50


Unagi (eel) | €4.40

Chicken wing

Chicken wings | €4.00


Spanish wagyu beef tongue | €3.20


Spanish wagyu beef tongue | €3.20

Yakitori miso selection

5x Chicken with fermented sweet miso. 5x Sliced Berkshire pork belly with fermented sweet miso | €34.90

Traditionally grilled Yakitori menu (for 2)

3 x yakitori, 3 x negima (chicken with spring onion), 3 x tsukune (chicken meatball) and 3 x butabara (pork belly) €38.90


Dipping noodle

Seafood stock + pork broth | €14.30

Mental karaage udon

Cold udon traditional Dashi sauce topped with spicy cod row | €14.50

Bukkake udon

Bukkake udon are cold udon noodles with chilled dash sauce with dried smoked bonito

Kake udon

Hot udon with dashi broth tempura bits

Yaki udon

Fried udon noodles with vegetables  | €14.50

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Homemade Tonkotsu shoyu ramen| €13.90

Tori shoyu ramen

Boerd Ilper free-range French chicken broth shoyu ramen with thin €16.00

Vegetarian miso ramen

Homemade Vegetarian miso ramen | €14.30

Tonkotsu miso ramen

Pork broth traditional miso ramen

Tonkotsu ramen

Homemade Tonkotsu ramen  | €13.90

Sushi & Sashimi

Salmon paradise

Salmon hosomaki x1 salmon uramaki x1, 4 slices of salmon sashimi with homemade pickled gingerd | €23

Foie gras roll

Grilled Foie gras, sansho chilli pepper and eel sauce with homemade pickled ginger | €16.20

Otsumami sushi

Hosomaki topped with Scottish salmon belly, Yuzu marinated salmon roe and fresh wasabi

Salmon sashimi

Salmon sashimi | €14.50

Three kinds of sashimi

Chef's recommendation sashimi | €21.50


Scallops with Japanese mustard miso | €8.90

Exclusive sashimi collection

Chef’s recommendations

Scottish salmon bowl

Scottish salmon sashimi on the sushi rice bowl with homemade pickled 

Aburi shime saba

Shime Saba is flame grilled cured mackerel fillet | €13.00

Deluxe sashimi bowl

Deluxe sashimi bowl €21.00

Side dish

Mentai kyuri

Cucumber with spicy cod fish row | €6.70

Agedashi tofu

Deep fried tofu with a tempura style sauce
with dried bonito shavings (side) | €9.20

Agedashi Nasu

Deep fried aubergine in tempura style sauce €9.20

Hakata omelette

Omelette with spicy cod fish roe and triple cheese  | €9.20

Aburi mentaiko

Flame Spicy cod row €13.10

Karashi mentaiko

Spicy cod row | €13.10


Edamame | €6.50


Cold tofu and dashi sauce with spicy shiitake mushrooms  | €7.20

Miso soup

Homemade Miso soup  €3.70

Nasu dengaku

Deep-fried eggplant with caramelized fermented sweet miso | €9.50

Popular dishes

Tonkatsu (Berkshire pork)

Berkshire pork end loin short cutlet with mini salad | €18.90

Chicken Gyoza

Dumplings | €10.00


Deep-fried octopus balls | €9.00

Spicy chicken kimchi

Fried chicken , mushroom and egg with spicy kimchi sauce | €14.00

Wagyu bowl

A5 Japanese short rib wagyu beef | €19.80

Foie gras & grilled eel

Foie gras & grilled eel bowl with yuzu radish pickle | €28.50

Spicy vege kimchi

Including seafood 


Deep fried chicken with a special soy sauce marinade | €11.00

Chicken Katsu Curry

Authentic Japanese chicken Cutlet curry 
(Japanese style schnitzel in a tasty butter vegetable curry sauce made of mixed spices ) €16.80

Chicken nanban

Deep fried sweet sour marinated chicken with a tartar sauce on top | €14.00

Spicy buta kimchi

Fried pork, mushroom and egg with spicy kimchi sauce | €14.00












Chili paste



Onigiri sake

Rice ball with salmon | €3.70


Rice ball with spicy cod fish roe | €4.10

Onigiri umeboshi

Rice ball with Japanese plum 

Steamed rice


Set menu

Rice and miso soup | €6.00

Sushi rice